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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequency asked questions (FAQs) related to C4I Consulting, LLC. Please feel free to email us if you think we should add a particular FAQ to this list.

- Are the consultancy jobs at C4I Consulting, LLC based out of the United States or abroad?

C4I Consulting, LLC currently has active contracts and consultants working in both the United States and Europe. The true answer is contingent upon where consultancy business opportunties present themselves. If a consultancy position is advertised and C4I Consulting, LLC bids and wins, the job could end up being in the United States, Europe or various other countries in the world.

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- Do the majority of jobs which C4I Consulting, LLC hires for require a personal security clearance?

Generally speaking, "yes," they do. It is contingent upon the type of job being advertised, but C4I Consulting, LLC normally supplies consultants to fill positions of trust within the US Department of Defense (DoD), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or simular organizations. These organizations often times require the individual consultant to have a secret or top secret personal security clearance. This is not to say that all consultancy jobs which C4I Consulting, LLC hires for require such clearances, but the majority of consultancy positions do.

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- Are consultants hired by C4I Consulting, LLC "employees," of C4I Consulting, LLC or "independent contractors?"

C4I Consulting, LLC has both types employed as consultants and the answer is situation dependent contingent upon negotiations between C4I Consulting, LLC and the individual consultant in question.

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- How do I apply for a job at C4I Consulting, LLC?

Please use the "contact us" page of this website to contact us. We actively seek CVs/resumes from individuals who would like to be considered for possible employment. Please don't forget to provide references with your CV/resume.

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