C4I Consulting, LLC
C4I Consulting, LLC

Providing consultants in the field of telecommunications engineering

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The acronym “C4I” stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, (see Wikipedia). This military acronym epitomizes the types of consultancy subject  matter expertise C4I Consulting, LLC has available to offer.


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Quality consultants in the fields of telecommunications, IT management, project management, computer networking and cybersecurity

An example of the multilevel C4I  architecture that we provides subject matter expertise on

Careers & Job Opportunities at C4I Consulting, LLC

 C4I  Consulting, LLC is constantly looking for quality professionals. If you  have experience, education and skills in the fields of  telecommunications, integrated logistics, military intelligence,  satellite, contracting, information systems technology, or project  management and desire to apply, please contact us. 



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